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Quiromasajista terapéutico-deportivo en Rivas VaciamadridQuiromasajista terapéutico-deportivo en Rivas Vaciamadrid
Quiromasajista terapéutico-deportivo en Rivas Vaciamadrid
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Chiromassage Therapeutic and Sportive at Rivas Vaciamadrid

Therapeutic & Sport Chiromassage in Rivas Vaciamadrid

Fernando Bauzá, massage therapist

At Rivas Vaciamadrid, 89, Lago Michigan St. in Rivas, and also at home in the area of Rivas Vaciamadrid and surroundings.
Also in Madrid, occasionally, at Monte Esquinza St., 44-Bajo Dcha., Ruben Dario area (please confirm beforehand).


In Rivas Vaciamadrid, at the centre itself: 35€
*For every 10 sessions, the last one is free of charge.

Special Offer: First session at the centre for only 30€

*(offer valid only for new customers).

Session in Madrid (whenever available): 45€

At your place in Rivas Vaciamadrid area: €45
*For every 10 sessions, the last one is free of charge.

Urgent appointment at the centre (whenever available): 45€
Public holiday appointment at the centre (if possible): 65€

The sessions last approximately one hour, with prior appointment, mask and following the protocols for COVID-19.

*Note: the free session will be valid for one year.

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Hello, I am Fernando Bauzá, a structural osteopath & therapeutic-sport chiromassage therapist in Rivas Vaciamadrid.In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, there is a real need for chiromassage to act on the superficial and deep muscles with a wide range of techniques and tools necessary for relaxation. To consult a chiromassage therapist is to open oneself to a wide range of relaxation and stress management treatments.Chiromassage is a discipline that combines different massage and chiropractic techniques. The aim of this discipline is to restore the ideal physical functioning of our body by working on the muscular, myofascial, articular, visceral and cranial structures of the body.


I have trained with Carlos Ramírez and Javier Ruíz Pérez, both teachers at the Instituto Superior de Estudios Holísticos, and both with a very long career as professionals and as teachers.


Although many massage techniques are called chiromassage, this term must be used to describe a technique created by its inventor, el Dr. Ferrándiz, creator of the Spanish School of Chiromassage (Barcelona, 1933), who based on the knowledge of German, Swiss and Oriental techniques, developed his own technique and to differentiate it from others, he gave it the name of chiromassage, which means «massage with the hands», that is, without using any apparatus.

Chiromassage is based on the mechanical action of the hands on the skin with movements carried out with a certain rhythm and speed and which have an immediate effect on our nervous and circulatory system. One of the main objectives of this technique is that, at all times, the patient feels physically and mentally comfortable and comforted.


The techniques used in chiropractic therapy are the result of the combination of different styles of massage such as Swedish or Turkish massage to which other techniques are added, mainly manoeuvres from Japanese massage, acupressure from traditional Chinese medicine, sensitive massage or myofascial release techniques among others. The result is a considerably more effective treatment to relax the muscles in the area and promote blood flow to the damaged muscles.

The hands are mainly used for massage, but the various techniques can make use of the forearms, elbows, etc.

Although there are many types of massage therapy, the basic idea is to manipulate the soft tissues to provide improved flexibility, circulation, relaxation and to promote healing of damaged tissues. Both of these therapies use manual treatments as a natural means of encouraging the body’s own innate ability to restore and heal itself.


There are many different types of manual massages depending on the purpose pursued, so we can differentiate the most common ones:

  • On the one hand, relaxing massages: help people who suffer from stress due to lack of rest, emotional problems, etc.
  • On the other hand, invigorating massages: the aim is to activate muscles that are atrophied due to lack of movement.
  • And also, sport massages: help in the recovery of injuries in any area of the body and for the prevention of future injuries.
  • And finally, we can also find lymphatic drainage massages: they serve to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, it looks for the parts with the greatest swelling and stimulates them to eliminate toxins, improving blood circulation.  

The chiromassage adapts itself virtuously to the anatomy of the receiver, looking for relief, wellbeing and causing a physical and mental impact. Chiromassage is particularly pleasant in its variant of invigorating massage with excellent neuro-sensitive, draining and circulatory properties. Its sporting application relieves muscular tensions and other musculoskeletal ailments.

Sport Chiromassage

Sport chiromassage will contribute to the athlete’s performance and fitness. Intermediate chiromassage during the sportsman’s breaks will intervene on possible cramps or pains and thus help to encourage the sportsman to continue.

Deep recovery massage to drain toxins and prevent stiffness. It provides various interventions to treat or reduce pain from sports injuries. One of these techniques is taping, neuromuscular taping or kinesiotaping, an essential concept to act effectively in this field. It uses alternative methods of muscle stretching and strengthening. It treats the athlete and amateur sportsperson in order to promote faster recovery and thus reduce the risk of injury.


Chiromassage aims to relieve muscular pain of all kinds, which is often related to lack of mobility, lack of exercise, poor posture and repetitive or sudden movements. It is extremely effective in relieving back pain, neck pain, migraines, sciatica and other neuralgia, hip pain, tendonitis and a host of other problems, chronic or otherwise.

Massage is used as a sedation tool, and is complemented by many different techniques such as intramuscular massage, isometric stretching, myofascial techniques, neuromuscular bandaging, cryotherapy and also includes the use of cupping techniques, moxibustion, Ah-shi points, essential oils, etc.


El masaje puede causar daños si no se realiza de forma adecuada. Además, los especialistas desaconsejamos este tratamiento a las siguientes personas:

      • Pregnant less than three months.
      • People with infectious skin diseases.
      • Arterial thrombosis and embolism.
      • In cases of acute or pathological inflammation.
      • In cases of recent haematomas, haemorrhages or unhealed wounds.
      • If the patient has acute sprains, contusions, acute oedema, joint effusions, acute or evolving diseases.
      • If the patient has nausea, metabolic diseases and degenerative diseases.
      • Acute rheumatic diseases, infectious or tumour diseases, inflammatory processes of bacterial origin, kidney problems in acute phase, kidney or gall bladder stones in the expulsion phase.
      • Broken or torn muscles, tendons, ligaments or bones, recent trauma and surgical treatment or diseases of the nervous system.

In all these cases, you should first see your doctor and/or your physiotherapist.

Personally I would like to add that I have always been fascinated by the wellbeing that massage provides and its ability to stimulate the body to restore itself. The practice of chiromassage has further increased this fascination and the curiosity to increase its effects with the help of its many other complementary techniques.
It is a privilege to be able to work as a therapeutic-sports chiromassage therapist in Rivas Vaciamadrid.


Chiromassage Therapeutic and Sportive at Rivas Vaciamadrid